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17 - Now | Designer

Hotseats for Folkekirkens Nødhjælp

Changing the way we design & produce furniture. When I started working for stykka it was an industrial designer. Here I helped develop custom furniture for our clients. My main task now is to make the production of custom furniture even easier. 

16 - 18 | Co-founder

🏆 ILVA & IDdesign Design Award 2017 | Customer Award

Teaching at DSD

I started and ran a part-time design studio together with my friend Esben Lyhne. In the short span I was part of the studio we managed to get to bigger danish clients Damixa and Isabella. We also won a audience award in 2017 and was hired multiple times to teach design courses at the Scandinavian Design College.

15 - 18 | Freelancer

Asbjørn Mejlvang Design

Nova Stella | Tycho Brahe

I started freelancing during my school time. I designed a watch collection called Nova Stella for the danish startup Tycho Brahe.

17 | Junior Industrial Designer

3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner

In my time as a Junior Industrial designer at Eskild Hansen I got to work with multiple tech startups in the US. We also worked closely with the danish dental company 3Shape. 

16 | Design Intern

Leisure 28 | Randboats

As a design intern in the small boat startup Rand Boats I was lucky enough to work on the early fases of a wide range of boats. From the small picnic 18 to the Yachseries. My work was mainly focus around the interiors of the boats in hand-drawn sketches and 3D visualizations. 

13 - 16 | Bachelor in Industrial Design

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

👑 Ava project was selected for KADK Bachelor Exhibition 2016

👑  From A to Z (Bachelor Exhibition on Krabbesholm 2016)


In my bachelors I wanted to investigate how a wearable device would function as our primary device. I used a lot of my time on trying things with how the interaction should work and how there should be a logical connection between the physical form and the digital interface.

Nerf Gun Project

On our third year we had a course where we were completely free to do what we wanted. I chose to work with parametric design in Grasshopper. I designed different add-ons for Nerf Guns. But this course was not about the designs generated. I did it purely to get hands-on knowledge of parametric modelling.

12 | Student

The Scandinavian Design College

🏆 Superpool DSD 2050 Initiate Award | Audience Award 

Popsicle chair in 1:2

In the fall 2012 I lived at The Scandinavian Design College. It was an intense dive into the design world.