Northmodern Vol 3 January 2016


Northmodern Vol 3 January 2016

Northmodern Vol 3 

This year I only had time to visit the fair for one day and didn’t get to hear any of the speeches. Yet again it was filled up with beautiful furniture and other living products. I will show you 4 things that caught my attention on the fair this year.


Plant Planets

I don’t have much to say about these plant planets other than I absolutely loved them from first sight. I have a thing for plants and these really amazed me.


The Pure

The Pure was  a elegant sci-fi looking foosball table. I found it a bit harder to play than a regular one since all the players looked alike. I would however still choose to have the pure in my home than any other foosball table I have seen.



One of the things I got to do on my few hous at the fair was trying out the new Electric Biomega Bike.



I also managed to try out a crazy looking electrical motorcycle / bike hybrid thing from Trefecta. Was lucky enough to find a semi open space a try it out. I would complain if I had to test drive that for a couple of month, years.. forever.

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