Northmodern 2015 Summer


Northmodern Aug 13-15 2015

Northmodern is a fairly new danish design fair held by DesignDenmark. I went to the first Northmodern last January. ( I have some pictures from there as well. ) The fair really have extended from the the one in January to the one in August.  For me it was really exciting to see that the fair had included a broader range off product design than just interior design. As always there were a lot of beautiful interior. But in this post I want to tell you a little of the other products that caught my attention.

Here you can see all the photos I took on my flickr



A french company had somethings a simple as a cylinder in wood. But due to the nexus 5 on top off it It quickly caught my interest as the geek I am. I also guessed that it must be QI charger. For the ones who don’t talk geek QI is a form for wireless charging. I was pleased to see some tech at the fair and tech that would fit into the taste of the people at the fair. It was a bliss to see that there wasnøt a blue LED to find in the design.


Besides their simple QI charger they also had  a wooden bluetooth keyboard. I myself is not fan of using wood to this kind of electronic. I would much rather have a thin plastic or aluminum keyboard. But it was nice to see that it wasn’t just ‘hey let’s make a bluetooth keyboard in wood. That will be trendy.’ They have actually also made an improvement to the tech. They had included that you could pair the keyboard with up to 5 units. I find it to be a very useful feature.



Some danish bikes there really stands out from the crowd. I was so lucky to hear the founder of the Biomega speak the third day of the fair. It was really interesting to hear aboth the thought process behind it and it explained something i had been wondering about. I had noticed that the bikes fork wasn’t the same white as the rest of the bike. So when he told us that the fork was painted with a night clove it all made sense for me and I found it to be a clever little feature to add in.


Above the text you see a picture of the founder of Biomega Jens Martin Skibsted. In his speech he talked about how he tried to design bikes that could compete against cars and not other bikes. Besides that he wanted to make bikes that you could recognize without seeing their logos.



I think the bike could need a bit more design part. I however loved that they have changed the chain with a wire. I am not convinced that the wire will be a better choice than the chain. I was just so happy to once against realize how much we take for granted.. These guys remembered to take a step backwards instead of just making a bike with the same components.


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