Berlin Christmas 2015


I was lucky enough to get to spend my christmas hollidays in Berlin with my family. It was my parents first time in Berlin. So there was a lot of sightseeing of the most famous places and becaus of it was christmas we spend a lot of time on the christmas markeds (weinnachtsmarkts).


I will just mention that you should visit some of the famous places at Berlin at your first visit. It is crazy that there has been a wall separating berlin in two parts. Even crazier is that isn’t that far back in history. So definitly go and get that into your mind. If you then want something more fluffy go to tierpark (not tiergarden. Nope not zoologische garden either). It is the biggest animal park I have ever been in.

A great monument for a terrible thing is the “Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.” First time I visited the monument people were running and playing all around on and between the square stones. (Later I have found out that this maybe is not meant to be.)


Now for some more design related things. I was told by my teacher to go and see museum de dinge (museum of things). Here you see all kind of design through the times.


Along the things I found all the old Braun objects I allways see in my design books. It was something different to see them in their real dimensions.


You can design your own rittersport or just enjoy some cake and hot coffee.


Or you can swing by MauerPark and see some other people be creative.


To end this little blog post. Hope you all had a good christmas and will get a great new year. My chrismas was certainly good and this bus driver really helped out with the christmas feeling in Berlin.


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